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Mighty Patch | Micropoint | Dark Spots


  • PROPRIETARY MICROPOINT TECHNOLOGY - Our unique pyramid-shaped microneedles are designed with an ultrafine tip, which means our patch is easier to use and 100% pain-free — even on sensitive areas.
  • 3X STRONGER - Each patch has 173 needles (3x more than other brands), which means triple the brightening power per patch.
  • BIGGER AND BADDER - These 18mm patches have enough coverage to take down any size dark spot.
  • SEAMLESS FIT - We made the hydrocolloid thinner and more adhesive, so it stays put until the job is done.
  • THE ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING COMBO - Every Micropoint is fully loaded with powerhouse skin-brighteners like tranexamic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin C.
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