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Purederm | Aloe Collagen Sheet Mask

  • Serves as an effective and skin-relaxing de-stressing treatment
  • Retains moisture helping the pores to fully absorb
  • Powerful formula helps maintain ideal moisture level of skin
  • Formulated with aloe extract, collagen and vitamin E
  • Enriched with deep skin moisturizers to hydrate, soften, and smooth your skin
Aloe Vera is widely known for its beauty benefits. It works wonder for skin and is often the key ingredient in many beauty products. Moisturizing the skin and repairing damaged skin is one of the numerous benefits of aloe Vera. This sheet mask from Purederm containing aloe ingredient is excellent in moisturizing and soothing. Aloe refreshes and moisturizes even the sensitive skin. It immediately replenishes dehydrated skin and keeps the skin soft and moist.