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YU LING ROLLERS Rose Quartz Facial Roller

A crucial part of beauty rituals around the world, rose quartz has been used for centuries to repair, de-stress and decongest complexions, thanks to its remarkable healing properties. Often referred to as ‘ice of the gods’, the exquisite powder pink stone is a firm favourite with crystal healers, who advocate its ability to promote healthy heart and kidney function, as well as its positive impact on acne, wrinkles and lymphatic drainage.



Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Work outwards towards the hairline where the lymph nodes are. Start on the forehead and repeat 6 times for each stroke.

Facial Tension Massage – Do this on a different day to the lymphatic drainage. Work with firm pressure in a backwards and forwards motion along the jaw, up and down on the cheeks and across the forehead. Concentrate on nodules of muscles around the jaw and cheeks. Dramatically boosts blood flow and gives your face a “lifted” look